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Web Design

Potential customers will generally visit your Website before making any purchasing decisions. Make it easy for them to decide with a modern and functional website that easily guides them to choose you. We are WordPress specialists, which is by far the best platform in the world for websites. We can build or renovate your website, organise reliable and secure hosting, and keep your site up to date.


Social Media Management

Need to keep your business profile on Facebook schmick, but have no time for all this posting business?  We hear you and can help you too. We can help with setting up your Facebook Page or Instagram Profile, through to setting up a social media planning schedule for 3, 6 or 12 months.  We tailor a plan based on your business needs and budget.


Email Marketing

Do you communicate with your client base on a regular basis, or wish you could? Why not nurture your important client base by sending beautiful, well structured email Newsletters out.  We use email newsletters for our business and would be happy to help you get set up and started with your own email Newsletter to stay in touch with your clients.


Facebook Ads Management

Your customers are on Facebook and it is still one of the highest performing advertising channels of this decade.  If you want a consistent and predictable way of using Facebook Advertising to grow your business, we can create and implement a Facebook Advertising Strategy for you and your budget.


Web Maintenance & Support

If your website is not maintained correctly, it will be made vulnerable to security breaches, site errors, downtime, broken features and even site crashes.  Ongoing support & maintenance will help fix these issues to try and keep your site operating smoothly.  Our support & maintenance packages include, regular back ups of your website and software, uptime monitoring and security scans. 


Graphic Design

Whether it’s a new logo design, a flyer, graphics for social media posts, invitations, postcards, resume layouts, book covers, certificates, menus, brochures, business cards, gift vouchers etc. etc.  We can certainly help out with design layouts for you and your business.


Promotional Videos

We can create short, sweet & simple, easy viewing promo videos.  This is a great way to showcase one or many highlights in your business.  We use your existing content and branding mixed with some creativity and strategy to produce a promo video of up to 2 minutes. Did we mention social media will be all video in the future. Yep, best get started on this one now!


Landing Pages

What the…is a Landing Page?  It is a dedicated web page designed to prompt visitors to take action.  Landing pages partner perfectly with any type of advertising and give visitors enough information to build trust and take action on your offer.  Landing pages, done well, can be very effective in advertising campaigns.  And yes, we can create Landing Pages to help convert sales for you. 


You Tube

Just when you were getting your head around this whole Facebook thing, now You Tube!  You Tube is so under utilised by businesses for advertising, it is screaming for your attention.    You Tube advertising is where Facebook Advertising was in 2012 (no crowds, got the stage pretty much all to yourself, and it can be cheaper too!) It’s also owned by Google, which is always a plus. If you would like to get started with You Tube, schedule a chat with us.

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